Institutional Review Board

Human Subjects Training

  • All protocol submissions must be accompanied by a current -- within the past three years -- certificate of human subjects training from CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative).  The IRB no longer accepts NIH training for primary investigators.

    Please visit the CITI website here, log in with your SU email and select Seattle University as your institutional affiliation. Once at the training options, faculty/staff PIs submitting their own protocols should complete all the modules in the basic human subjects course.

    Student PIs submitting a protocol must complete all the modules in the "Student Researcher" course. Their faculty advisers must also complete the modules in the "Faculty Advisers" course before signing off on student protocols. (The faculty adviser CITI must accompany a student submission for it to be considered complete and processing initiated.)

    After completing the training, download the CITI certificate to in clude with protocol submissions. Keep a copy for your records, as the IRB does not maintain a list of individual certification.

    (Note: Currently, the IRB does not require the "Responsible Conduct of Research" courses, unless the protocol is receiving funding through the Office of Research Services and Sponsored Projects--ORSSP.)

    In special circumstances, the IRB will accept alternative human subjects training, such as the NIH certification. Contact us if you believe any key personnel in your protocol might need special accommodations.