Human Subjects Training

Human Subjects Research Training


All SU researchers and advisers must complete one of the human subjects research training programs listed below and include current (within three years) completion certification with expedited and full-board protocol submissions. (You do not need to submit training certification with applications for exemption.) If you will submit related grant proposal(s), consult with the Office of Sponsored Projects regarding training requirements because some funding organizations require certain training modules from specific certification sites, such as Responsible Conduct in Research and Human Subjects Research modules from CITI.

Note: Co-investigators or key personnel from other institutions are not required to demonstrate evidence of human subjects research training as part of an SU IRB protocol submission. However, as an SU PI, you are responsible for maintaining high ethical standards among researchers involved in a protocol and must report any violations. In special circumstances (such as community-based research endeavors), SU researchers may choose to informally train key personnel in human subjects protections. Contact the IRB if you would like to discuss special accommodations or specific circumstances.

NIH Training

Until it discontinues the program on Sept. 20, the National Institutes of Health offers free human subject research protection training in both English and Spanish.

CITI Certification

Complete the CITI Human Subjects curriculum. Registration guidance is offered below.

       Note: The IRB does not require the Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) modules at CITI.

  • If you already have a CITI account, choose "Log In" and proceed.
  • If you have not yet accessed CITI, click "Register," then enter Seattle University for "Select Your Organization Affiliation" and check the two boxes before clicking "Continue ..."  If you have not completed CITI certification before, do NOT select "Log In Through My Institution."
  • Enter first and last name, and your SU email address (CITI will not accept any other email addresses).
  • On the following screen, select only "Human Subjects Research" to access the correct training modules.
  • Choose the relevant course:  1) Student Researchers, 2) Faculty Researchers, or 3) Faculty Advisers to Student Researchers (required for advising student protocols).
  • Complete the modules offered in the courses. You may save at any time and return to the training.

Save a screen shot or PDF that shows your certification completion.  You will include it with your IRB protocol submission.