Surveys of Alumni

Seattle University Alumni Survey 2014 and 2015 

The Alumni Survey was administered in 2014 and will be administered again in the fall of 2015. The results are available by request from Institutional Research.

Seattle University Alumni Survey 2011

In academic year 2010-2011, the Office of Alumni Relations worked with an outside consultant to conduct and analyze of survey of alumni engagement.

Seattle University Alumni Survey 2009

The alumni survey was conducted as part of the NWCCU accreditation self-study. Alumni feedback is a key means through which Seattle University can evaluate its success in educating the whole person, in the professional formation of its graduates, and in the extent to which alumni act as leaders for a just and humane world. It is therefore a critical component of the self-study, and also an ongoing assessment activity NWCCU encourages the university to undertake at regular intervals.

In conducting this survey, a primary goal was to collect feedback from alumni that will be helpful for evaluating our performance against our own standards of success, as well as against specific standards required in the self-study guidelines. A secondary goal was to create a positive contact with our alumni, reminding them of our commitment to our mission and to academic excellence, and drawing their attention to some of the ways in which alumni are encouraged to remain connected with the university community.

This report was prepared by University Planning. If you have questions about how to analyze results or suggestions on how to make use of these results, please contact Irina Voloshin, Assistant Director of Institutional Research, at (206) 296-2802.