Funnel Icon

Video Guide

This video is a How To guide of the Funnel Icon in InformSU reports.


  • Identify features of hovering over the Funnel Icon
  • Demonstrate the Funnel Icon in sample report
  • Identify situations where the Funnel Icon is applicable


Written Guide

Features of using the Funnel Icon

  • Shows which slicers are currently applied to a data visualization
  • Identifies elements within the same slicer
  • Hides unfocused slicers

Steps to use Funnel Icon in a report

    1. Adjust slicers
    2. Locate funnel icon
    3. Hover mouse over funnel icon and review pop-up menu
    4. Adjust slicers as needed

    Situations where using the Funnel Icon could be applicable

    • Revisit logic from a bookmark or previous session
    • Check for misapplied slicers
    • Compare changes in visualizations to confirm takeaways
    • Confirm if synced slicers are being applying from a different page