Export Data Visualization Option

Video Guide

This is a How To guide of exporting data through the Export Data Visualization Option in InformSU reports.


  • Identify features of applying the tool
  • Demonstrate an export in sample report
  • Identify situations where the Export Option is applicable



Written Guide

Features of exporting from a data visualization

  • Exports focused data from within a data visualization
  • Creates a Static Excel Spreadsheet
  • Lists applied slicers within export

How to steps for exporting from a data visualization

    1. Hover over data visualization to open more options menu
    2. Choose Export Data type*; Click on export button
    3. Confirm applied filters and tailored data export
    4. Add notes as needed

    * The InformSU team advises that the Summarized Data option should be used when you would like to export from a data visualization.


    Situations where exporting data from a visualization could be applicable

    • Presenting data discoveries in formats outside of Power BI
    • Documenting through specific points in time
    • Further processing findings within Excel and beyond