Apply Slicers

Video Guide

This video is a How To guide of applying slicers in InformSU reports.


  • Identify features of applying a slicer
  • Demonstrate how to apply a slicer in a sample report
  • Identify situations where applying slicers is applicable



Written Guide

Features of applying a slicer

  • Refines data in report visualizations toward user goal
  • Customizable through slicer options
  • 7 different types of slicers so far: pulldown, slider, rollover, button, jump, toggle, and interactable.
  • May be part of unique situations: (ex: Synched Slicers, Slicer Panels)

How to steps for applying a slicer in a report

    1. Locate slicers in a Power BI Report Page
    2. Open slicer and apply options by clicking on selection box
    3. Note changes in visualization
    4. Clear slicers by locating either eraser button or reset to default button

    Situations where applying a slicer could help

    • Focus report visualizations and data toward user’s needs
    • Tailor custom visualizations for export
    • Create focused bookmarks for personal reference or team use