Term to Term Retention Report Deep Dive Training Video

This training video explains how to use the Term to Term Retention Report to answer the hypothetical questions, "What proportion of first generation, underrepresented, undergraduate sophomores in your program continued from a previous term to Fall term of 2020, and how does that proportion compare to past Fall quarters? How does the persistence rate for that group’s enrollments in the next term compare to past terms?" and export findings as an Excel document.


  • Identify which pages are focused toward “Enrollment From Previous Term” or “Enrollment in Next Term.”
  • Apply and bookmark the appropriate page and slicers to identify the data needed to answer each question.
  • Identify different export options and export table focused results.


  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:46 - Overview of Power BI
  • 1:49 - Navigating Pages and Applying Slicers
  • 3:23 - Answering Question 01
  • 6:44 - Creating a Bookmark for Question 01
  • 7:12 - Answering Question 02
  • 10:04 - Creating a Bookmark for Question 02
  • 10:33 - Exporting Results
  • 11:59 - Conclusion