Virtual Community Building

Led by the Division of Student Development and facilitated by the Center for Student Involvement, this page contains resources for Seattle University undergraduate and graduate students to reduce social isolation and encourage connections while on-campus opportunities are suspended due to Coronavirus precautions.  

This page will be updated frequently so check back, especially for details about virtual activities.  

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Things you can do anytime

Activate yourself


  • Call a good friend you haven't talked to in a while
  • Video chat with a friend or family member
  • Look through old family/friend photos
  • Learn what you can do to support your community (safely)

Get to it

Relax and decompress


Visit (Virtually)


In looking at what was distinctive about the way of life that they had chosen, early Jesuits talked about their communitas ad dispersionem. By contrast with the older religious orders... Jesuit communities spent much of their time scattered among the different works that individual Jesuits and teams were engaged in. It wasn’t just that communities were dispersed in fact. It was rather that the communities existed precisely to be scattered in this way.

Manresa Amigos:

Other Resources

A collection of information we've received for students from around the web.

Support Request and Volunteers

City and State Resources


Students who are parents

Community Resources

Learn More about COVID19


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