SGSU Appropriations Process

A privilege of being a recognized club is being able to apply for various funding sources. The main funding sources for clubs is through SGSU Appropriations and Fundraising.  

Club financial officers have access to the funding request tab in ConnectSU.  Start by signing in to ConnectSU, navigate to your club page, and click on "Manage Organization."  Click on the three-line navigation button on the left side and navigate into the Funding tab in your management tools.  From there you will need to submit a Finance Request by SGSU or GSC, depending on your club's main audience.  

For more information on this process, talk to your SGSU or GSC representative.  


Clubs are encouraged to use creativity to fundraise for their clubs to supplement the money they're able to procure from SGSU or other University departments/organizations.  

Previous fundraisers by clubs include:

  • Bake sales
  • Silent Auctions
  • Requesting donations from off-campus companies
  • Partnerships with companies 

Clubs and Tax Exempt Status

Clubs are no longer permitted, due to Federal tax laws, to use the University's tax-exempt status.  Therefore, University Advancement will no longer process gifts to clubs.  

Clubs are permitted to fundraise, however, donors will not be able to use their donation, monetary or otherwise, as a tax write off on their personal or business tax unless given directly to a non-profit organization.  For example, if a club works with the United Way, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, or some other non-profit and the money raised goes directly to that organization, not to the club, then the donor can work with the non-profit for tax exemption.  

Clubs interested in pursuing a non-profit status should contact Bernie Liang, Director, Center for Student Involvement, for information on EIN and becoming a non-profit entity.  

Selling Tickets 

If your club is having an event and you would like to sell tickets for your event through the Redhawk Resource Hub (formerly the Campus Assistance Center/CAC), please stop by the desk located on the first floor of the Student Center.  


Raffles are strictly regulated by Washington State.  For more information on holding a raffle on campus or at your event, please see the University's raffle policy.