Marketing Your Event

There are a variety of ways for your club and organization to effectively market your event. To help you on your way, we've created this page to help point you in the right direction. If you start early, have a good team, and create a plan you will be successful!

Check the Calendar and Confirm Your Space

You may want to consider what other events are happening on campus that day. Check out the campus calendar and/or talk with Campus Event Services (CES) about other events happening at the same time that may compete.

Make sure you've confirmed your event space and food, technology and other event needs. Campus Event Services (CES) can work with your organization on all of these needs. 

Establish Your Budget

Make sure you know what your budget is for marketing your event. The Center or Student Involvement can print 33 fliers for student clubs free of charge. Also, Reprographics can make posters and fliers at a low cost to you and your club. For more information on their pricing, check out the Reprographics website.

Create Your Message

Next, think about the message you would like to portray about your event. What's the incentive for the campus community attend? What will they learn and/or get out of the event? Make sure to have a consistent message about the event, your intended audience and goals. Your team should be aware of what these are so they can also send a consistent message.

Publicity Rules

Be aware that Seattle University has policies about marketing on campus. For more information on these policies click here.


Now that you're aware of the policies, do your best to find creative and unique ways to get the message out to your audience. Here are some thoughts and ideas:

  • Fliers. Bulletin boards are full of fliers that may compete with your message. Make sure that your flier design is clear, effective, and limits the amount of text.
  • Roll downs are effective and can take a while to create (1 to 2 hours). Make sure to build in time in your schedule to for you and/or your team. You can always request the Center or Student Involvement to cut out the letters for you beforehand which will cut down on your time dramatically.
  • TV screens are available in the Student Center to help advertise your event. You may need to redesign your flier to properly fit the screen. Remember that the slide only shows up for 10 seconds.
  • Tabling at Cherry Street Market and/or Pigott Atrium can be effective for your event but space is extremely limited. Make sure to check with CES for table availability.
  • Table tents are also available for your use and catch people at an opportune time - while they're eating! It's a great time to share your message about your event.
  • Social media and apps avenues like Facebook, OrgSync/ConnectSU, and the Redhawk Experience App can be helpful in advertising your event. Know that people only spend a few seconds looking at events, including who is going to attend. Make sure you and your team are listed as attendees before you invite others to come. Share on the event wall your excitement about the event and encourage others to do the same. The more activity your event site has, the more others will see it.
  • Word of mouth is your best tool to market your event. Make sure you and your team talk to their friends, classmates, and others about your event. Also, make sure to show excitement about your event. Revisit your goals and share them with your audience.

Marketing Timeline

Each marketing type has limited effectiveness and/or accessibility so timing your message is important. Think about what you can 2-3 months out, 1 month out, 1-2 weeks out, and right before your event. The best approach to marketing an event is to start early and to use different mediums to reach different people.

Check Back In

Be sure to check in to see how things are going during your outreach. Have you heard a lot about your event? Are others talking about it? Who haven't you reached out to? Are there avenues you haven't pursued that may work?

After your event, make sure to touch base about what worked in your marketing plan for next time. What would you do the same? What would you change? What other suggestions would you have to properly outreach about your event?

If you have any questions about these points and/or event planning, we're happy to help!