Active Clubs and Organizations

Club Support

To help you navigate the many clubs we have on campus we've created, powered by OrgSync.  It's an online platform that will help you find the right club for you.  Find the club that you're interested in an join! It's as simple as that.  Check out ConnectSU to find our list of clubs, organizations, and other opportunities!

We serve both the members of those clubs and anyone interested in creating a new clubOur suite in Student Center 350 provides services for clubs to be successful including:

  • Leadership Support
    • Resources and advice for club leaders and advisors
    • Advising on successful club activities, events, and leadership
    • Training
  • Office Supplies
    • Rolldown and banner paper
    • Markers, paint, glue, scissors, and other office supplies
    • Flyer printing (up to 33 per event)
    • A die cut machine with 4" and 7" letter sets
  • Club Mailboxes
    • Each club can have items delivered to our office for events
  • Budget Assistance
    • Financial process assistance
    • Club Account and Budget updates and reports