A vision is a picture of the future, something you are passionate about and a place where you see the need for change.

Key elements of a vision


It is visual (one can see a picture out of your words), it is exciting and it is optimistic. It does not lay out specific goals or plans.


Visions are not goals, they can not be accomplished without hard work. At times it may seem impossible, but because of your passion for the project, it is worth the effort!

Outward Directed

A vision does not just create change for you or benefit you; it is directed to benefit others. A vision is unselfish.


A powerful vision empowers others and encourages their input. A vision is not narrow; it allows room for others to find common ground.


A vision describes a future that others will care about. A vision is based on passion and encourages the involvement of others to be drawn into the action.

Communicating your vision


Here's what we need to do for the future!


If we move in this direction we'll definitely come out on top!


Here are some of my thoughts, what do you think?

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