What is a Goal?

A general statement of purpose based on the values an individual
or group as a whole upholds; defining tool; evaluating tool, planning tools. Goals guide the day-to-day activities of a group or individual. They provide a systematic way to meet your purpose for existence.

Goals are Written, Clear, Consistent, Logical, Challenging and Achievable!

Steps to Setting Goals

  • Goal Statement Broad statement of what you want to accomplish.
  • Action Steps Concise, specific and measurable methods by which the goal is achieved.
  • Timeline Set a timeline for each step; when will it be Completed?
  • Evaluation Set up a process to evaluate your progress toward achieving your goal; choose one that is right for YOU.

For Groups

Remember it is not enough for a group to have goals. Goals should be communicated to others – peers, supervisors, subordinates, constituents and customers – if they are to be a useful part of the decision-making process. Goals are tools to define, plan and evaluate, and to be successful, they must be referred to often and evaluated regularly. People support what they help to create.