Leadership and Personality Styles

Knowing your style, and those of the others with whom you work, can be a useful leadership tool. Understanding different perspectives can help you develop ways of adapting your style to meet various needs and use effective communication strategies to work well with others.

Available Assessments

  • Enneagram: Consisting of Nine Styles, this assessment is based on a synthesis of ancient wisdom traditions. It offers alternative to the more western-based models. Take either a free abbreviated version or the full version for $10 from the Enneagram Institute.
  • Keisey Temperament Sorter: According to Keirsey's Temperament Theory, people can be sorted into four Temperament Groups. Follow the link to take a free partial version online with the option to purchase a full report.
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator: Also known as the MBTI, this is one of the more extensive style assessments. Because it is proprietary material, you must work with a licensed administrator to take the indicator. Fortunately, members of our Career Development Center Staff are able to assist you. For information or an appointment, contact Career Development at 296.6080.
  • True Colors: Based on the Keisey Temperament sorter, this simple to use instrument is available for download. Packet includes descriptions of each of the four styles.