Involvement with a side of Participation, please.

It is important for both group leaders and group members to understand the difference between involvement and participation. Involvement is simply the act of being in something. Participation is best described as being actively involved. For a group to be successful it is crucial that members are not just involved but ACTIVELY involved.

Excuse me; I'd like to try Active Involvement.

It is definitely a challenge to get members of your group actively involved. Here are some helpful tips to encourage participation in any group setting

  • Ask group members for their opinions
  • Give group members the chance to take on leadership roles (i.e.: don't make them do all of the grunt work)
  • Make group meetings fun!
  • Encourage freedom
  • Make room for creativity

And most importantly, show your group members you appreciate their help. People respond well when they know what they are doing is making a difference.

Active Involvement is fabulous and healthy too!

That's right active involvement benefits the mind and body. When group members and leaders each have an equal portion of active involvement the following side effects will occur:

For Group Leaders

  • Less stress
  • Balance within a group
  • Less hectic meetings

For Group Members

  • A sense of pride in activities that you helped plan or create
  • Excitement about going to meetings
  • The sense that your opinion matters

For Everyone

  • Less tension in group settings
  • Less segregation in group settings

And for dessert I'll have satisfaction!

The amount of satisfaction you'll feel by helping your group become more balanced is immeasurable. Not only does everyone in your group benefit, this is an accomplishment that you have achieved as a team.

Please pay at the counter

Wow what a bargain! Active involvement can be achieved with just a little bit of effort. If you are passionate about improving your group dynamic the payoff will be high and the cost relatively low.

There may be some bumps along the way but never fear, Leadership Development is here to help! You can find us in the Student Center Pavilion 150 or just send us an email. We are happy to answer any questions, provide more specific solutions, or do a leadership training for your group! Enjoy!