Delegation is very important to every organization; it brings creativity and new ideas to the situation and makes every member realize their importance and how necessary they are to the team.

  • Delegate as much as possible. By doing this it will give you, the leader, more time for evaluation, directing and support, and will also make others feel that they are an important part of the group.
  • Delegate with responsibility. The group member given the task needs to also be given the authority to make decisions, use resources, call the shots, and receive the deserved recognition.
  • "Back off" once the responsibility has been delegated. It's not fair to delegate the task and then continue to interfere with its completion. Trust your group members to get the work done.
  • Help get the ball rolling. It is the leader's duty to see that the group member who has been delegated the task fully understands the goals of the project and has the right training and tools to complete it.
  • Don't allow the delegation to be reversed. If a group member complains of not being able to complete the task, don't make the mistake of saying, "Okay, I'll do it for you." Support the individual while also respecting your time and energy.

Through proper delegation techniques creates many benefits like increasing productivity time, demonstrating trust and confidence in others, improving motivation and commitment, and the ability to do more with the same resources.