Student Clubs

The lifeblood of involvement at Seattle University

Student Clubs are very important to the Seattle University student experience and add a dynamic element to the University's core values of Academic Excellence, Diversity, Service, Leadership, Justice, and Faith. The Center for Student Involvement is designed to be a resource for Seattle U's many undergraduate and graduate student clubs.  We serve both the members of those clubs and anyone interested in creating a new club

Our suite in Student Center 350 provides services for clubs to be successful including:

  • Leadership Support
    • Resources and advice for club leaders and advisors
    • Advice for successful club activities, events, and leadership
    • Training
  • Office Supplies
    • Rolldown/Banner paper
    • Markers, paint, glue, scissors, and other office supplies
    • Color printer for flyers
    • A die cut machine with 4" and 7" letter sets
    • Letter cutting services
  • Club mailboxes
  • Budget Assistance
    • Financial forms
    • Club Account and Budget updates and reports

University Recreation oversees all sport clubs.  To learn more and get involved, click here.  

Student Clubs