Seattle University welcomes international students from all over the world

We know that coming to Seattle University is one of the biggest decisions of your academic life. We’re here to help you find the best educational pathway for you.

Global Engagement is a strategic priority at Seattle University. Students and faculty benefit from partnerships with other global educational leaders throughout the world. Seattle University offers a number of pathways and programs that allow students to experience the world.

English Language Learning Center helps students prepare for academic success by strengthening your background in American English and culture. They offer courses in university-level reading, writing, grammar, listening and speaking.

ELS Language Center (US centers only) students who complete level 112 with a 3.0 grade point average will be considered for the undergraduate SU English Language Learning Center. For more information, visit the ELS program website, or you can contact the Seattle center directly at (206) 623-1481

Intensive English Pathways

Seattle Central College Pathway Program To get started, students must first apply for admission to Seattle Central College, selecting the “University Prep Pathway” program, and the “Seattle U Pathway at Seattle Central College” option. Once admitted to Seattle Central, application information will be sent to Seattle University’s Office of Admission. Seattle University will determine next steps for the student to receive conditional admission. To begin the application process, visit the Seattle Central Pathways Program website.

Transfer Pathways

International ACCP students: The ACCP (Advanced College Credit Pathway) is a pathway program that allows senior high school or first-year international college students to earn one year of general education college credits at their home institution and then transfer to Seattle University or another consortium university as a sophomore student. This program gives international students a great start in preparing for college. Seattle University partners with IPERC, which oversees the development and administration of the program abroad. Learn more about the ACCP at  

We welcome students who earn associate's degrees from our partners and meet specific admissions criteria to transfer to SU to earn a bachelor degree.

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