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Photo of Crystal (Sujung) Choi

Crystal (Sujung) Choi

Home: South Korea
Major: PMBA (Professional Master of Business Administration)
Why I became an ISL: I became an International Student Leader to help others who need helps as I faced difficulties when I started studying in the U.S. I want to share my knowledge and skill that I gathered from my experience to international students.
Why I chose Seattle University: Seattle University is a great place with the great education, especially for students in the business major. Seattle also offers a great opportunity for many jobs. Although Alberts Business School has students from all over the world, the class has an easy environment to interact with American students.

Photo of Mariajesus Elgueta

Mariajesus Elgueta

Home: Chile
Major: Nursing
Why I became an ISL: I became an International Student Leader because I wanted to contribute with my experiences, ideas and enthusiasm to impact positively future international students that may be struggling just like I did when I first moved here.
Why I chose Seattle University: I chose Seattle University because here I could find a community who would support my learning not only by teaching me the essentials of my career, but also helping me to become an integral person. All of these aspects broaden the way I understand the world and I am now a person who is conscious of the importance of professing civility, giving back to the community and being mindful of people’s different backgrounds.

Photo of Chandara Keo

Chandara Keo

Home: Cambodia
Major: Finance
Why I became an ISL: I always seek to find opportunities for experiences and make new friends so I became an International Student Leader to help others who need helps.
Why I chose Seattle University: Seattle University is a great place with one of the best education I could get in Seattle. It also provides nice food and nice study environment. I like size of the class which is a small class with less than 30 students in it.

Photo of Thu Nguyen

Thu Nguyen

Home: Vietnam
Major: Business Analytics
Why I became an ISL: I become an International Student Leader because I wanted to meet and create relationships with other people at Seattle University as well as to be a support resource for prospective and new International students who need help.
Why I chose Seattle University: I chose to study at Seattle University since this is the number one private school in the Northwest with great study and career resources for students to get ready for their future. To me, a great school is not only about having good teachers or good classes but also about having great tools to help students succeed in their future career. Seattle University with its many career and networking events is the best choice for whoever looking to build a sustainable career. 

Photo of Dalaysone Rassavong

Dalaysone Rassavong

Home: Laos
Major: Pre-major
Why I became an ISL: As an international student myself, I had faced with difficulties during the process of admission and adapting to new environments. I want to help guide students who are facing difficulties, and help them adapt to their new life!
Why I chose Seattle University: Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Studying and living in Seattle will help expand your horizon and gives you countless life opportunities!

Photo of Vidya Joshi

Vidya Joshi

Home: India
Major: MBA
Why I became an ISL: As an International Student leader, I will have the opportunity to share my journey with potential students and help them learn how Seattle U can play an instrumental role in helping them shape their career.
Why I chose Seattle University: Seattle has been my home for past three years and I am absolutely enjoying this beautiful city. I am originally from India and have a degree in Engineering (Electronics and Communication). Having worked as Software Engineer for almost 5 plus years in the technology industry, I wanted to make a career transition and build my career in business hence decided on doing MBA.

Photo of Shreya Mehta

Shreya Mehta

Home: India
Major: PMBA (Professional Master of Business Administration)
Why I became an ISL: It is an opportunity to share my experience and to learn from others. I love to chat with prospective/incoming students to talk about the benefits of studying at Seattle University. I want to be a resource for international students by sharing my difficult and happy times at Seattle University. 
Why I chose Seattle University: I love the idea of a flexible MBA program with 17 certification choices. Seattle is a hub of opportunities in all fields. I love how Seattle has so much diversity and you see everyone with vibrant smiles on faces. Seattle University makes you a part of that diverse vibrant community exposing you to the bucket of the right set of circumstances. Meeting people with amazing background and learning is a bliss. 

Photo of Zhehong (Harry) Liu  

Zhehong (Harry) Liu  

Home: China 
Major: Business Marketing 
Why I became an ISL: I believe being an international student leader can enhance my communicative skills and make friends all over the world. 
Why I chose Seattle University: I believe Seattle U can provide me the motivation for learning the business and make me understand the business knowledge more deeply. I studied at Seattle Central College before and I have been living in Seattle for 3 years. Seattle is a great city. Why not stay in Seattle again? 

Photo of Yuqi Chen 

Yuqi Chen 

Home: China 
Major:  International Business
Why I became an ISL: I chose to become an international student leader because I believe this program not only can help me engage with a diverse group but also develop my skills in many aspects. Through this program, I can have the power to help more international students and let them feel a welcoming atmosphere from Seattle U.  
Why I chose Seattle University: I chose Seattle University because it offers a nice program for me. It also provides a nice environment and atmosphere for students. 

Photo of Yilan Gao 

Yilan Gao 

Home: China 
Major: Public Affairs 
Why I became an ISL: I first got involved with the International Student Center on campus as a Global Ambassador and really loved the experience. I’d like to help international students to have a smoother transition and more positive experience here at Seattle University so I just applied. 
Why I chose Seattle University: I went to high school here in Seattle and fell in love with the city so I decided to stay here for college. After visiting Seattle University campus, I immediately decided that this will be the place I spend my four years of undergrad at. I am someone who cares deeply about human rights and social justice.  And this is exactly what this school is trying to prepare its students for- “Seattle University is dedicated to educating the whole person, to professional formation, and to empowering leaders for a just and humane world.” 

Photo of Zhanyao Yan 

Zhanyao Yan 

Home: China 
Major: MBA 
Why I became an ISL: As a first-time studying abroad student, I have met so many difficulties, such as applications, visa, and housing. Fortunately, students and faculties in Seattle University are more than willing to help, so I have been through the tough process of transition. Feeling grateful, I hope that I can also help new students and give them the whole picture of Seattle University.  
Why I chose Seattle University: I Seattle University located in the heart of Seattle, which makes it convenient to explore American city life and reach out to professional people and businesses. Moreover, Seattle University provides small size cohort, usually no more than 30 people. Students will have more opportunities to interact with professors and classmates. Seattle University is also a diverse culture university, where all kinds of culture are respected, which makes it my first choice of studying. 

Photo of Layla Almuammar 

Layla Almuammar 

Home:  Saudi Arabia  
Major: Marketing 
Why I chose Seattle University: chose Seattle University because of its excellent quality of education and because of its social justice focused mission. The university's courses, resources, and the welcoming community have helped me grow academically, physically, and spiritually which are crucial aspects of my personal growth goals as well as being an active critical thinker, problem solver, and a transformational leader to help my community.