Hanna-Marie Lucero (Eashudee)

Pueblo of Isleta
BA in Environmental Studies, Seattle University

Administrative Assistant, Indigenous Peoples Institute

My Tiwa name is Eashudee which means bluecorn and I'm from the Pueblo of Isleta in New Mexico. During my undergrad at Seattle U I majored in environmental studies with a focus on urban sustainability and minored in biology. Throughout my life I have always been aware of my commitment and love for my community and my responsibilities to the land as a steward, which is why I was very excited and grateful to start my work at the Indigenous Peoples Institute during my undergrad. In having this experience I was able to further weave my two passions for Indigenous and environmental issues, which are very connected, while being able to be part of this amazing community. Although I do plant to attend graduate school soon and return home to work for my tribe, I'm grateful to be part of the IPI team now to further strengthen, support, and build up the Indigenous peoples of Seattle U.