Student Outcomes

"Transformative" and "eye opening" are two of the phrases that students have used to describe their international internships through the IDIP program. Alumni of the programs have reported that their experiences abroad and in the Seattle University classroom have influenced them in many ways. 

Many students note that the program helped them discover their vocation and understand the consequences of their actions using international and social justices perspectives. Many have been inspired to continue to serve marginalized communities in the United States and abroad. 

Alumni of these programs have also identified important skills such as analytical thinking, technical writing, and data analysis that they developed while participating in the IDIP program.

The ranks of IDIP alumni include:


There have been so many instances since I started at Kiva when I've drawn on my IDIP experiences, both the field internship with Gravis and our discussions from the Fall and Spring seminars. It's such a good feeling to be starting out in the international development sector with some great first-hand fieldwork experience and an academic background to go with it.

Kate Griesemer IDIP 2014-2015 Cohort