Keyada Espinosa

Keyada Espinosa, originally from Pittsburgh, PA, is a major in Asian Studies and is looking forward to someday going into foreign officer work. She loves to meet people and travel. With age, she has realized that she also loves helping people and has since tried to find ways to accomplish all of these goals. A previous cohort member introduced IDIP to her and it peaked her interest greatly as it provides her with everything to meet her goals. Learning more about international economic development has helped her explore more areas of interest and also her capabilities. These interests include gender equality, self-empowerment and community development.

Through Omprakash, she was fortunate enough to find the program, Volunteers Peru, in Arequipa Peru, which is an abandoned girls home dedicated to providing a safer area for girls to grow and thrive. She is assisting Volunteers Peru in their mission, as well as creating and conducting surveys, collecting and evaluating data, and initiating a project that will serve as a personal outreach to the children.