Jason Bono

Jason Bono is a French and Economics for International Development double major, with a minor in International Studies. He has been passionate about travel and engaging in global issues from a young age, and has focused his studies on developmental economics. Travelling has been a staple in his life, from moving across the country multiple times during his childhood, to spending 7 months abroad in France. He visited Morocco for the first time after his studies in France, forming a deep connection with the country through his experiences. For him, discovering new places and encountering new communities is a way to not only interact with the world, but to grow as a person as well. His other passions include journalism and writing, as he works with the Seattle University student run publication the Spectator, as well as music and bass guitar.

Jason is working with Dar Si Hmad, a non-profit organization located in southern Morocco. Operating out of the city of Agadir, the organization focuses on the promotion of local culture, women’s empowerment, education, and water resources. They combine scientific knowledge with the ingenuity of local communities in order to work towards giving marginalized populations the opportunities to better themselves. Jason is working with data analysis and presentation in order to aid the organization in creating ways to both fully see the impact of their work as well as look towards future projects.