Irene Rico Lopez

Irene Rico Lopez is a senior pursuing a degree in International Studies. She was initially drawn to the IDIP program through a 2014/15 cohort member .She has always had an interest in international aid/development of some kind and with the courses she has taken at Seattle U, her interest has grown into a passion.

Irene is interning at Proyecto Horizonte in Bolivia. Prior to Proyecto’s establishment, the community experienced a high rate of adult illiteracy and malnutrition. Amongst the many projects that PH has for community development, education, and health, Irene’s work is focused on education; assisting with the education of children with learning difficulties, providing workshops for youth, parents, and teachers and assisting during a new summer program. From this experience, she hopes to gain pertinent knowledge and cultural awareness for future aspirations of working within a similar organization upon graduation.