Galvin Healy

Galvin Healy is currently a junior studying Finance with sociology minor. Originally from Seattle, Washington, he has been fortunate enough to travel outside of the United States to countries in Asia and Europe. Instead of traveling as a tourist, Galvin is excited to work and immerse in a culture different from his own. Galvin was originally drawn to Seattle University for its dedication to social justice and believe IDIP is a manifestation of this mission.

Galvin is interning at an NGO called Prayasam, located in West Bengal, India. Prayasam organizes the slum children of Kolkata, working to provide them with a powerful voice in their community. These children act as advocates for change on a variety of health issues, from raising awareness about proper sanitation and vaccinations to campaigning for better education and access to drinking water. During his time, Galvin will be partnering with the children to collect and analyzing data gathered from the surrounding communities. He also plans to participate with any ventures they wish to take on. Prayasam appeals to him because it brings it approaches development in a unique way. Although unsure about to do after University, Galvin is excited to work on the ground in the development field.