Logan Peppin: Fiji

I was raised in Cle Elum, WA, a small town with a narrow outlook on the world. Ever since I was young I have been involved in community service in some shape or form. Seattle University's social justice mission has only further etched this responsibility into me. Last year I studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, and had the opportunity to volunteer in a township. Volunteering in a township made me eager to apply for SU’s International Development Internship Program. The IDIP has both solidified my passion for international development, and given me a deeper understanding of how and what it means to work for a nonprofit in a developing country.

Most of my time in Fiji this quarter working for Rise Beyond The Reef has been spent conducting a survey with 5 villages to create a baseline report of the district to better understand the overriding needs and challenges of each community and the district as a whole, in order for RBTR to help address some of these issues. These findings will not only be used for RBTR, but will also be shared with local governmental organizations, nearby businesses and the community to help raise awareness and seek solutions to the baseline report findings. In addition, I have been working on advertising for a partner nonprofit organization called Aviva Farms that is an agro farm. In between these two projects I have been helping think of new products to be made by women in interior villages that can be sold in the city. This program is part of Rise Beyond The Reef’s income generating project, to help women in interior villages find market access to better their and their families lives.