International Development Internship Program Application Process

Students applying for the International Development Internship Program (IDIP) must submit completed applications and supporting materials by late April.  

IDIP Application

Students must be of junior standing or beyond (in any major) and have a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average. In addition, three references, a university transcript, and a four hundred word statement of purpose essay explaining your interest in the field of international development and why you want to be a part of IDIP are required. 

Further, students must possess the:

  1. Capacity to work and live effectively under remote, isolated conditions.
  2. Freedom from medical conditions requiring regular access to medical care or access to specialized care.
  3. Ability to live and work effectively without access to counseling or other psychological support.
  4. Aptitude to rely on a small, close-knit community of development professionals, home-stay family.
  5. Skill and willingness to engage in demanding cross-cultural, professional projects.
  6. Flexibility, confidence and fortitude in ambiguous independent situations.

Financial Aid Information

Specific scholarships for the IDIP program are available. Information on student financial assistance is available through Student Financial Services. 

Additional resources may be available in the form of need-based scholarships and low interest loans. For further information, contact:

Student Financial Services
Seattle University
901 12th Avenue, PO Box 222000
Seattle WA 98122-1090
(206) 296-2000


The Albers Connection

The International Development Internship Program is an Albers program that is open to all juniors and seniors at Seattle University.

Learn more about Albers.