Sample Projects


Ryan Arbow, Tanzania


Ryan went to Tanzania and worked with Catholic Relief Services in Dar es Salaam. Some of the projects he worked on include: Created the 2007 Annual Public Summary of Activities (APSA); Worked with colleagues on the allocation of the Regional Small Project Fund; Was a member of the HIV and AIDS in the Workplace Committee; Created/Updated promotional brochures and material for CRS projects in Microfinance, AIDSRelief and Agro-enterprise; Visited 30 families of OVC in order to assess living situations with local faith-based volunteers at Shaloom Care Center; and Created/Updated the new CRS Tanzania website.

David Bernica, Cambodia 

I interned with Catholic Relief Services in Cambodia and had the opportunity to work on a number of projects ranging from editing an anti-human trafficking activity manual (Solidarity Can Stop Human Trafficking) for rural communities and researching a CRS sustainable fishing project. With the latter of these, I visited five pagodas and interviewed Buddhist monks and community leaders about a sustainable wild fish management system that CRS had helped establish in 2004 and 2005. The largely successful project develops pagoda land, provides a protected pond for fish during the dry season and spawning season, and unites community members together in recognizing the benefits of natural resource sustainability. I then wrote a promotional report designed to attract donors so that CRS can expand this effective system throughout the country. (Nearly 50 such communities have appropriate ecological locations throughout Cambodia.)

Lucas Franco, El Salvador 

Lucas' job with CARE International was to look for avenues in which income streams could be invested communally, such as school projects or water projects, or individually in bank accounts or bonds in an effort to leverage the development potential of regional remittances. My ultimate goal was to look for ways to ease migration pressure, since migration drains a country of its most valuable resource: its people.

Camille Hogan, Burkina Faso

Camille spent a winter quarter in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso working with Catholic Relief Services. She worked specifically on the School Gardens and Fields Pilot Project in the Agriculture and Education departments. The project focuses on having gardens and fields on the school campuses that are grown by the students and parents. The student's mothers cook the food grown in the garden for the students' school lunches. The project is designed for food sustainability and to provide new agricultural techniques to the students and parents. Camille's tasks included: constructing a questionnaire to evaluate the program; interviewing the administrators, teachers, and Parent Teacher Associations in ten village schools (with translations from Mooré to French); and creating a report with evaluations and future suggestions for the project.

Allison Johnson, Bolivia

Allison worked with the Centro Vicente Cañas, under the auspices of the Catholic Church. We researched the effects of migration on community development in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Her work included literature review, research design, surveys and interviews.

Joshua Lee, Republic of Ghana

Josh Joined the Food for Education department to research the impact of the School Feeding and Take Home Rations program in village schools in rural northern Ghana. He tracked attendance records of boys and girls in grades 1 through 6 from the last four years to see if these programs increased attendance consistently. Josh interviewed students, teachers, and parents to hear their insights about the importance of education, how these programs have helped them and hear ideas for future programs.


Micaela Pelland, Guatemala


Micaela was an intern in Guatemala City for Catholic Relief Services. She worked with the Migration department, and researched and wrote a 40 page Human Trafficking in Guatemala report that was going to be used for background and research material for future CRS proposals related to Human Trafficking. In addition to this, Micaela carried out interviews with specialists in Guatemala City on human trafficking, and added the information collected from the interviews in the report. Unrelated to her report, she went on several visits to the countryside to visit CRS program sites.

Katherine McFerson, Uganda

Katherine mainly worked in western Uganda, a mountainous and cooler area of the country. She worked in a field office of the CRS Uganda Country Program researching and creating project briefs (brochures) for various programs. Producing the briefs required field research, meeting with program managers, extensive research of CRS documents, collecting success stories, and traveling to the other offices and project locations around the country. Katherine also acted as a general assistant to the office, assisting coworkers with field work, such as visiting and assessing projects, editing documents, and acting as a representative for CRS at various functions put on by partner organizations such as Masses, meetings and trainings.