Advisory Board Members

Therese Caouette
Co-Executive Director, Partners Asia

Karen Cowgill
Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, Seattle University

Lara Diaconu
Adjunct Faculty, College of Arts & Sciences

Jennifer Fricas
Senior Instructor, College of Nursing, Seattle University

Diana Grusczynski
Agricultural Productivity Consultant, Economics Advisory Board member   

Jim Hembree
Assistant Vice President for University Initiatives, Seattle University

Quan Le
Associate Professor of Economics, Seattle University

Gloria Mayne
Communications Specialist, Non profit sector

Felipe Murtinho
Assistant Professor, International Studies, Seattle University

Elbert Noreen
Assistant Director, Nonprofit Leadership, Seattle University faculty      

Joseph M. Phillips, Jr.
Dean, Albers School of Business and Economics, Seattle University

Russ Powell
Provost for Global Engagement, Seattle University

Janet Quillian
Faculty Emerita, Seattle University; Former Director, IDIP program           

Meenakshi Rishi
Professor of Economics, Seattle University

Rosa Singer
Director of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, CARE USA