Laudato Si' Leadership Structure

Seattle University Laudato Si' Action Platform Leadership Structure


In order to be a committed and active higher education participant in the 7-year Journey to Integral Ecology, a “Seattle University Laudato Si’ Action Platform Leadership” structure has been created to oversee, facilitate, and adequately coordinate the implementation of the LSAP priorities and goals, and to create a system of communication, collective participation, reporting as well as accountability from all parties involved. The structure is aligned with the Reigniting Our Strategic Directions 2022-2027.

LSAP Leadership structure. Executive committee on top of the hierarchical diagram and one team for each of the four priorities on the bottom of the structure.


The present Seattle University Laudato Si’ Action Platform Leadership (LSAP) team is:

LSAP Institutional Executive Sponsor: President Eduardo Peñalver

LSAP Steering Co-Chairs: Jeanette Rodriguez, PhD, and Yolanda Cieters

  • LSAP Priority 1:
    Executive Sponsor: Provost Shane Martin
    Co-chairs: Tanya Hayes, PhD, Phillip Thompson, PhD, and Charles Tung, PhD
  • LSAP Priority 2:
    Executive Sponsor: CFO Chris Malins
    Co-chairs: Robert Schwartz, and Wes Lauer, PhD
  • LSAP Priority 3:
    Executive Sponsor: CFO Chris Malins
    Co-chairs: Anthony Goodwillie, and Bret Myers
  • LSAP Priority 4:
    Executive Co-Sponsor: VP of Mission Integration Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos, PhD, and Vice Provost for Student Development Alvin Sturdivant, EdD
    Co-chairs: Luke Lavin, PhD and Collette Taylor, EdD