Pat Howell, SJ

B.S., Gonzaga University
MA, Boston College, Gregorian University in Rome
D.Min., Pastoral Theology, The Catholic University of America

Interim Director, Distinguished Professor in Residence

Phone: 206-220-8271

Building/Room: LEML 659

His most recent courses have been The Theology of Vatican II (graduate) and Catholic Imagination in Art and Film (undergraduate). During a year-long sabbatical, Fr. Howell went to work in the fall of 2013 for America magazine, a national Jesuit publication, and was commissioned along with four other experts to translate into English one of the first in-person interviews with Pope Frances and had been conducted in Italian. For the past two years, he has been giving multiple talks about Pope Francis, the reform of the Catholic Church, the pope’s message of mercy and compassion, his urgent call for care for the planet Earth and his Jesuit spirituality and leadership style. His book, A Spiritguide through Times of Darkness, has been widely used, and he wrote a column for the Faith & Values section of The Seattle Times for nine years.