Spring 2021

5th Annual Immigration Summit

Posted by ICTC on Monday, May 24, 2021 at 1:09 PM PDT

We must “make every effort to break down the walls that separate us, and in acknowledging our profound interconnection, build bridges that foster a culture of encounter,” Pope Francis said. “Today’s migration movements offer an opportunity for us to overcome our fears and let ourselves be enriched by the diversity of each person’s gifts.”

Seattle University's Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture, in partnership with St. James Cathedral Immigrant Assistance and the Archdiocese of Seattle's Immigrant & Refugee Ministry, invites you to join us in a week of focused learning, action and prayer May 24-28.

Learn from the experiences of immigrants and migrants; begin to take action by volunteering or becoming an advocate; and pray for those experiencing trauma, displacement and injustice. We have compiled many opportunities to learn, act and pray during this week - choose what is meaningful to you and create your own virtual summit!

As we look forward to gathering in person for the 2022 Immigration Summit, the work for justice continues and intentional solidarity among allies and advocates remains essential. Thank you for joining us in this work!

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