Fall 2020

December 10, 2020

Posted by ICTC on Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 10:44 AM PST

Blessed are you Holy One, who in the richness of your Divine love blesses us with good things. We are filled with gratitude for the numerous gifts and the countless blessings that come to us from you. Your blessings come in times of joy as well as in time of pain and sorrow, sickness and defeat. But your blessings come always as life and we delight in the knowing.

We take delight and thank you for all the gifts that flow fully, day and night, into our lives. May this season be a time of remembrance, gratitude, shared table fellowship, hope and commitment to justice.

The ICTC wishes you peace in this season of gratitude and an Advent filled with hopeful anticipation. We close this liturgical year thankful for the community that has grown through ICTC programs, lectures and discussion; and in turn enter into the Advent season with a heart-felt awareness of all the hope and love that resides along with the struggles and isolation in our community, and the world, during this difficult time. May the Holy Spirit guide us into the new year with a peaceful embrace towards all!

In gratitude and hope,
Dr. Jeanette Rodriguez, ICTC Interim Director and Jessica Palmer, Assistant Director

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