Seattle University has partnered with ‘eMindful’, an online program free for faculty and staff that provides purpose-driven mindfulness solutions by creating personalized strategies to integrate into your daily life. eMindful offers live or on-demand activities to build and sustain healthy habits in areas such as stress, weight, anxiety, depression, diabetes, chronic pain, addictive behaviors, cancer recovery, tobacco cessation, and compassion fatigue.

eMindful Offerings:

Live Programs Live sessions taught by mindfulness experts. Whether you're new to mindfulness or an avid practitioner, there is something for you.
On-Demand Programs Support your everyday mindfulness practice with hundreds of hours of on-demand programs.
The 1% Challenge Practice mindfulness for 1% of the day - just 14 minutes - for 30 days - Improve your mental and physical health, connect to your purpose and earn great rewards.
Apps & Games Supplement your mindfulness training and enhance your skills with apps and games. Enhance memory, strengthen resiliency and grow your everyday practice whenever you want.

Example Program Topics:

  • Mindful Daily
  • Overcoming Obstacles to Change
  • Mindful Leadership Series
  • Mindfully Managing Anxiety Series
  • The Art of Mindful Eating
  • 7 Days of Emotional Intelligence
  • 7 Days of Financial Stress Relief
  • 7 Days of Happiness in the Workplace
  • 7 Days of Mindful Intentions
  • 7 Days of Sleep