Cariloop Caregiving Support


Seattle University has newly partnered with Cariloop as of April 1, 2021 to provide faculty and staff with individualized caregiving support. Cariloop provides caregiving support and resources targeted at helping to relieve the stress of balancing one’s work with caring for loved ones.

Cariloop partners with families who plan and manage care for children, special needs, aging family members and much more. Your “family” is defined by you, the caregiver. For some, this may include grandparents, extended family, teachers, hospice workers, etc.

This new resource will provide you with access to Cariloop’s Caregiver Support Platform which extends to your family members a central source to connect and collaborate in managing your loved one’s care needs. Additionally, families can be paired with a Care Coach who will provide dedicated one-on-one guidance and support specific to your family’s needs. Some of the services they provide are as follows:

Childcare ParentingAdult Care
Daycare Non-technology ideas Assisted living 
Special Needs Co-parenting Care management
Home schooling COVID-19 social bubble Locating doctors
Babysitters Schooling for special needs Long term care
Nannies Online learning Nursing homes
Mental health   Medicare navigation
Backup care    DNR, POA, will prep

For a compehensive list of services, please visit Cariloop's website:

Care Coaches: Through Cariloop, you will be paired with a Care Coach to provide dedicated one-on-one guidance and support throughout your family's caregiving journey. Your Care Coach will start with a session over the phone or video to identify your family’s needs and will create a plan and next steps on your behalf. All Care Coaches are licensed and certified healthcare professionals.