How to Disable Pop-Up Blockers

  • EngageSU requires that pop-up blocker be disabled. If your training isn't launching look for the small pop-up blocker icon in your url bar. Follow the directions below to disable the pop-up blocker.

What Browsers are Compatible with EngageSU?

  • Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)
  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)

How do I Update my Browser?

How do I change my EngageSU password?

  • Seattle University faculty and staff should log-in via Single Sign On (SSO) using the same credentials as your SU email.
  • If you are an affiliate, temporary, vendor, or volunteer you can use the reset password option in EngageSU or contact engagesu@seattleu.edu or Human Resources at 206-296-5870 if you need assistance with your password.

How do I get to EngageSU?

  • Faculty and Staff log-in here
  • Affiliate, Temporary, Vendor, Volunteer log-in here 

My compliance training is stuck on the policy acknowledgment. What do I do?

  • Exit out your training (your progress will be saved) and go into EngageSU using a recommended browser (see above). The training will resume on the same page.
  • FERPA, Data Privacy, and Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination are most compatible with Google Chrome.

I've completed my training. How do I verify that it is complete?

  • After you have completed your training, please allow the EngageSU system enough time to process the request. 
  • Hover over 'Home' in the top left corner, click 'My Profile', and then click 'Transcript' in the top left
  • Change the drop down menu from 'Active' to 'Completed'
  • If you are still unable to see your completed training, contact engagesu@seattleu.edu 

I'm a supervisor. How do I verify my employees have completed the training?

  • On the home page, click the 'Development & Training' tab.
  • Click 'View Your Transcript' from the drop down menu.
  • Under the 'My Department' drop down select your direct report's profile
  • On their 'Transcript' section go to the drop down menu and search for 'Active', 'Completed' and/or other options to find.

What is EngageSU?

  • EngageSU is a new collection of applications that Seattle University has purchased to help faculty and staff engage with the university.  These applications will either introduce new functionality or replace existing functionality in the following areas:
    • Recruitment
    • Learning and Development
    • Performance Assessment
    • Pay Administration

When would you use EngageSU?

  • Employees will use EngageSU to find and register for training, track their training, and manage their career training goals.
  • EngageSU can also be used to update employee transcripts with external trainings, and maintain all training records in one place
  • Employees can search and apply for internal jobs, or post open jobs if they are a hiring manager

Who do I contact for assistance with EngageSU?