Evaluation Factors and Mercer's System

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Determining the most appropriate pay opportunities for staff positions requires an analysis and scoring of each position's essential requirements. In 2011, the University implemented the International Position Evaluation System (IPE) purchased from Mercer Consulting to bring greater objectivity to the process of analyzing internal job requirements and developing a sorting and grouping of staff positions.

Mercer Consulting - International Position Evaluation System (IPE)

The IPE system is a point factor evaluation system designed to objectively determine the relative ranking of positions. Not all positions have the same impact, require the same level of knowledge and skill, or face the same innovation and communication requirements or operating complexities. The IPE System is an objective framework that facilitated the University's 2012 comparison of key aspects of staff positions and to sort and group positions accurately across divisions/departments.
Staff positions were evaluated based on the following 4 factors:

Position Evaluation Factors


This factor considers the nature and scope of influence as position has on its area of responsibility/operation


This factor considers the position’s responsibility for communications both within and outside the University


This factor considers the position’s responsibility to identify, develop and make improvements to new ideas, techniques, procedures, services, or products, as well as the level of complexity of the innovation.


This factor considers the minimum level of knowledge required to fulfill one’s responsibilities, and whether the position holder applies the knowledge as a team member, team leader or manager of teams.