Annual Staff Performance Evaluations

Staff Performance Evaluation Period: July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

As we bring both the academic and fiscal year to a close, it is time to conduct annual staff performance evaluations and to set goals for the FY19 year.   A key element in the employment experience at Seattle University, annual performance evaluations provide an opportunity for staff to share self-evaluations, receive valuable performance feedback and discuss ongoing development with supervisors.

In order to avoid losing your work, please remember to save a PDF to your computer, then reopen from your saved location and begin work.

Materials and Forms

Checklist-Performance Evaluation Timeline

Complete Self-Evaluation

Write Evaluations

Finalize Goals

Performance Evaluation FY 2018 Packet

Helpful Tips for Performance Meetings


Performance Evaluation Checklist & Targeted Timeline

Year Ending FY 2018

For a printable version of this checklist, click Checklist-Performance Evaluation Timeline 2018.







Starting in June


Supervisor begin discussing evaluation processes and expectations with staff member and next-level manager.



By early July

Complete Self-Evaluation

Staff member completes self-evaluation and submits to supervisor.

Staff member


By early August

Write Evaluations

Supervisor completes staff evaluation draft.



By mid-August

Next Level Review

Supervisor’s manager reviews draft, provides input.



By the end of August

Evaluation Meeting

Supervisor and staff member meet to discuss performance, as well as begin collaborating on outlining goals and plans for the coming year.  

Supervisor & staff member


By September 7th

Submit Final Evaluations

Supervisor sends signed evaluation to Division Point-Person, who forwards to HR



By September 28th

Finalize Goals

Supervisor and staff member meet to agree upon and finalize goals for the coming year.

Supervisor & staff member

Performance Evaluation FY 2018 Packet