Theme Communities

Theme Communities

At Seattle University, we understand that our small campus may feel large at times. In response, we have designed smaller theme communities within our residence halls. These communities allow students an opportunity to make immediate connections with their neighbors who are likely to have common interests. The residence hall staff work hard to provide fun and educational programs and activities based around the theme to assist students with connecting to the greater University community.

Theme Communities will be offered in all residential buildings. Students are not required to be in specific majors to participate in any community and have the ability to determine their own level of involvement. In addition, students are welcome to participate in events hosted by communities other than the one to which they are assigned.

When students complete their housing application, they will be asked to preference at least five communities. Brief descriptions of each theme community, and the buildings in which they are located, are listed below. As students consider their preferences, they should also think about their ideal building placement. It is important to note that specific roommate requests will be prioritized over theme community preferences (so if roommates have different preferences, we will first match roommate pairs and then consider theme/building preferences).

Bellarmine Hall
Business and Innovation The Business and Innovation community is for students interested in business and innovative practices. This community will allow students to build their knowledge and create connections with others who are interested in business or entrepreneurship.
Career Discovery The Career Discovery community is for students who are exploring majors, careers, and life pathways. This community will give students an opportunity to reflect on what they like and value and how that relates to their future career.
STEM and Health Professions The STEM and Health Professions community is for students interested in science, technology, engineering, math and health-related professions (e.g., nursing, diagnostic ultrasound, medicine, veterinary). Students in this community share an interest in various STEM and Health Professions and exploring questions around the advances in society.
Campion Hall
Creative Expression Creative Expression is a community for students with an interest in the arts and expression. Students will have the opportunity engage in the arts communities in Seattle and share their various interests.
Millie Bown Russell & Social Change Millie Bown Russell & Social Change community is for student looking to explore the various ways to engage in advocacy within the community. Millie herself was engaged in the community, so students will get the chance to explore leadership and consider their role in being engaged citizens in their communities.  Students will explore the intersection of social justice and action. The aim of this theme community would be to get the student to learn the different avenues for social change.
Mind, Body, Wellness The Mind, Body, Wellness community is for students interest in the integration of mind, body, and spirit to seek holistic wellness.  Students will have an opportunity to reflect on their own understanding of wellness and how they strive for holistic wellness in all areas of their lives.
Outdoor Exploration The Outdoor Exploration community is for students who are interested in exploring the outdoors in the greater Seattle area and deepening their understanding of our impact on our environment. Seattle is a city focused on sustainability. This floor would allow for students to focus on sustainability at SU and the community around it.
Xavier Global House
Global Exploration Global Exploration is a community for students who share an interest in global studies and cross-cultural education. Students in this community desire to live in a culturally diverse and enriching learning environment.  Students who have a particular interest in the Spanish or French languages have an opportunity connect directly with faculty members partnering with the community.
Murphy, Chardin, Douglas, Vi, Yobi, Kolvenbach
Sophomore Upper Division Sophomore/Upper Division communities are for students who are past their first-year in college. These communities will cater to students who have some familiarity with Seattle University and are focused on their academic and career goals during and beyond Seattle U. These communities will also focus on independent living skills that will be helpful as students transition beyond living on campus and being a student.

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