Housing and Residence Life
Policies and Procedures

Immunization Requirements

  • Seattle University, in compliance with state law, requires all students, staff, and faculty enrolled in undergraduate courses to provide documentation that they have had the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) series, a Tetanus booster in the last 10 years, and the Hepatitis B series. The Student Health Center (SHC) is responsible for enforcing compliance with this requirement. To insure compliance the following procedural steps have been identified.

    Current Procedures for All Undergraduate Students:

    The following is a list of additional notifications that are provided to students regarding the PIR.

    • The acceptance packet includes a hard copy of the policy and an optional immunization records form for completion.
    • The SHC checks the Washington state immunization registry on all students to facilitate collection of immunization records for students.
    • The SHC sends weekly emails to students prior to their first quarter at SU regarding the PIR with specific notices provided when records are incomplete.
    • Students and parents attending Summer in Seattle are verbally informed at the Nuts and Bolts orientation session.
    • The policy is listed in the student handbook.
    • The SHC adds a registration restriction during add/drop for the next quarter and students cannot register for the following term without taking action with the SHC. Note: this step will no longer be necessary if agreement is made to the changes below as all enrolled students will be in compliance.

    Currently there are no pre-enrollment consequences posed for non-compliance with the PIR. Students can move into the residence halls and begin classes without immunization record completion. Proposed changes would highlight the importance of compliance early and will outline consequences before students are allowed to live in residence halls and participate in classes.

    New Procedures for All Undergraduate Students

    Freshmen Fall Term – Deadline for compliance July 1

    1. New Student Registration (NSR) currently sends new fall freshmen admits a postcard providing information on registration, housing, and summer orientation. A notification of the deadline and that students will not receive fall schedules until immunization records are received will be added.
    2. Students must complete the New Student Checklist on MySU which includes an item titled Immunization. This item includes all necessary information about the immunization requirement and links to the Online Student Health (OSH) website where students can enter their records online. To complete this process, students need to send a copy of the records to the Student Health Center (SHC) for verification. Enhanced direction about this process will be included.
    3. The following departments will add information about the immunization requirement and non-compliance consequences to their websites:
      • New Student and Family Programs
      • New Student Registration
      • Undergraduate Admission
      • Housing & Residence Life

    On the first business day on or after July 2, the SHC will place a SHC restriction on any student's record who is not yet in compliance with the PIR.

    1. Prior to Summer in Seattle, students who have not turned in records will be called and emailed at both their personal and SU email addresses, reminding them that they will not receive fall schedules at orientation if they are not in compliance.
        • SHC staff will provide a list of students who are not in compliance to New Student Registration (NSR) and Matteo Ricci.
        • New Student Registration will email and call students who are not in compliance with the PIR. The Office of Undergraduate Admission may provide additional phone support if necessary.
    2. For students who bring immunization records to Summer in Seattle and submit them at check-in on the first day, the SHC will notify NSR by the end of the first day and NSR will provide the students the fall schedule at the advising session on day two.
    3. SHC staff will send weekly email to both the personal and SU email accounts and make follow up calls to those who attended Summer in Seattle and have not complied with the immunization requirements, as well as to those who have not registered or attended a Summer in Seattle session.
    4. Once attendees comply with the PIR, the SHC will remove the restriction and notify the NSR the same day of receipt of records so that the academic schedule can be made available online.
    5. Beginning in August, the SHC will provide reports weekly to housing. Housing will not release room assignments to students until PIR compliance is confirmed.

    On September 1 the SHC will send a final email notice to both the personal and SU email accounts indicating that on September 10th the housing assignments and course registration will be revoked if PIR compliance is not complete.

    On September 10th, or the first business day after September 10th, the SHC will email housing and the Office of the Registrar with the names of the students out of PIR compliance and housing and registration will be revoked for these students. Notification that this action has been taken will be communicated to these students by the SHC.

    Freshmen Winter, Spring and Summer Terms

    The Office of Undergraduate Admission will place a Student Health Center (SHC) restriction on the student record upon admission which will prevent registration.

    • NSR will include information about the PIR in an email communication to the personal and SU email accounts that directs the student to the online checklist which must be completed prior to further action on campus.
    • Students complete the online checklist, which is similar to the one used for fall admits.
    • NSR will provide continuous follow up with admitted students who are not in PIR compliance and will not facilitate registration until the SHC restriction is removed.

    Transfers and Non-Matriculated Students: All Terms

    1. The Office of Undergraduate Admission will place a SHC restriction on all admitted UG transfer and non-matriculated students upon admission which prevents registration from being completed.
    2. Admitted transfer students will complete an online new student checklist which includes all necessary PIR compliance information.
    3. Transfer and Commuter Student Services will add compliance information to their websites.
    4. Advisors and NSR will include notification that students cannot be registered without compliance in their emails to new students.
    5. For students requesting on campus housing, the SHC will send a list of non-compliant admits two weeks before the term and the day before the term starts to housing to support PIR compliance.
    6. Once new admits comply with the PIR, the SHC will remove the restriction and notify the NSR and Housing the same day of receipt of records to facilitate registration and the communication of housing assignments.
    7. The non-matriculated student application form, as well as the readmit application form, will be modified to include a notice of the PIR compliance.

    Alumni Audit and Elder Audit

    The Course Audit Request form for both Elder Audit and Alumni Audit now require a faculty signature in order for the registration to be processed. We will additionally require the Student Health Center signature before processing to address the PIR compliance for this audience.

    Overall Support of PIR Compliance

    The SHC will continue to check the Washington state immunization registry on all students to facilitate the collection of records for students. The policy will continue to be listed in the student handbook and the SHC will follow up with students as specified above.

    Approved April 21, 2011 by Dr. Jake Diaz, VP for Student Development and Marilyn Crone, VP for Enrollment Management