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Publicity and Solicitation Policy

  • For full Housing Policy details download the Resident Handbook.


    The residence halls are a solicitation free environment. This is to protect the privacy, safety, and personal space of residents. Solicitation is defined as any activity that seeks to make contact with residents to collect information, sell items, or gain support from residents at Seattle University. This policy applies to a wide range of activities that may include: advertising, selling, petitioning, campaigning, distributing flyers, and surveying residents by telephone, mail, e-mail, or in person. Individuals who solicit in the halls will be referred to the Integrity Formation process for violation of the Student Code of Conduct. For the safety of fellow residents and their belongings please immediately report anyone soliciting in the halls to a Residence Life staff member, Public Safety, or the police. Groups who wish to set up tables in a hall lobby for such purposes may do so only with prior explicit approval of Housing and Residence Life.

  • Advertising/Posting Policy For Banners, Posters, and Flyers

    Students may advertise on-campus events through the use of posters/flyers in the residence halls if they are approved. All non-Housing and Residence Life flyers and advertisements requiring approval for posting must be submitted to the Housing and Residence Life Central Office, located on the 1st floor of Campion Residence Hall (CAMP 100). Once approved, flyers and/or advertisements will be distributed to the residence halls for posting. Posters and flyers may only be posted by a member of the Residence Life staff and must be turned in seven (7) days before the date of the event advertised in the materials. Any poster/flyer turned in within less than seven days of the event will not be accepted; the reduced time is not sufficient to allow staff members to pick up their mail, distribute it to the halls, and then post the materials in a timely manner.

    Upon approval by the HRL Central Office, the flyer will be marked with a department approval stamp. Materials not bearing this stamp and signature will be removed. Events sponsored by Housing and Residence Life by RAs, RHA, and Halls Councils may be posted in the sponsoring building without approval.

    Banners, posters, and flyers announcing campus events should indicate the name of the sponsoring organization or group, the nature of the event, the date and time, the location, cost (if any), and a Seattle University email address to contact for more information. A phone number for contact can also be provided, but a Seattle University email address is necessary. All publicity will be removed by the residence hall staff within 48 hours of the event's conclusion. Posting may only appear in designated areas on the bulletin boards marked "announcements" in main lobbies of the residence halls, specific locations in each building and wherever else the Residence Director approves his/her staff to place posting. All other locations are prohibited including:

    • Inside Elevators, or outside on the elevator doors
    • Entire entryways of any building
    • Entrance doors of halls, students rooms, or apartments
    • Placing items in student mailboxes
    • Glass surfaces
    • Lobby bathrooms

    Things to Remember:

    1. Flyers 8 ½ by 11 are preferred for bulletin board posting. Flyers should not exceed 11 x 17.
    2. University departments and student organizations are permitted to post one (1) flyer or poster per floor. This number is 40 which includes each residence hall floor and each residence hall lobby).
    3. Once the flyers or posters are approved for posting by the Central Housing Office, they will also be posted on each floor by someone from HRL. 
    4. Only blue painter's tape or other non-destructive and removable hanging material may be used to post approved banners, posters, and fliers. Paste, glue, nails, and duct tape are not permitted. Staples and tacks may be used on bulletin boards.
    5. No chalking is permitted on any of the covered walkways, walls, or anywhere on the residence hall facilities.
    6. Approval from any office on campus does not supersede approval for posting in the halls from Housing and Residence Life

    Student Organizations, individuals, or departments that do not comply with the guidelines and procedures may lose their posting privileges in the residence halls.

    Publicity At A Glance


    Locations: Residence Halls have general posting areas on each floor and in the main lobbies.

    Approval: Fliers should be taken to the HRL Office (Campion 100) to be stamped and approved. The HRL Office Staff will distribute the fliers to the respective halls.

    Timeline: at least 7 days prior to event.

    Numbers: If you would like one flier per residence hall floor/apartment make 37 copies

    *In compliance with the USPS, we do not distribute fliers to individual student mailboxes.


    Locations: Front desk/lobbies (based on the discretion of the Resident Director or Assistant Resident Director)

    Approval: Posters should be taken to the HRL Office to be stamped and approved. The HRL Office Staff will distribute the fliers to the respective halls.

    *Due to the limited posting space in the lobbies, we ask that posters not exceed 6ft x 6ft.

    Timeline: at least 7 days prior to the event.

    RHA/HRL TV Channel Marketing

    Locations: ResidenTV

    Approval: Submit your information in a digital format of your choice to Brian Hooks via email or flash drive. Your information will be reviewed and approved for the channel.

    Timeline: 2 weeks prior to event date.

    Emails to RAs and/or Residents

    Point person: Brian Hooks

    Distribution: Weekly emails are sent to the RAs regarding on-campus/off-campus events. Please provide enough time for promotion of the event to communities.

    Timeline: at least week in advance of event date.

    Tabling in the Lobbies

    Point person: Tim Albert

    Approval: Departments are invited to table in the lobbies to publicize their large-scale events/initiatives. Examples include Leadership Blitz recruitment or athletic events. No sales are permitted. Student groups and outside organizations may not table in the halls.

  • Housing and Residence Life Calendar

    • Spring Quarter Housing Application Opens 2/14/2016 All day event
    • Housing Portal Opens for Fall 2016 3/1/2016 All day event
    • Late Departure/Early Arrival Requests Due 3/10/2016 All day event
    • Spring Quarter Move-In 3/28/2016 All day event
    • President's Commencement Brunch 6/11/2016 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM
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