Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am already home but still have my belongings in the room?

Please plan to return to campus between April 8 and 18 to move out your items.  If needed you may request an extension beyond April 18 or request to have a family or friend pack up and move your belongings.  Please indicate your intended return date on the Spring 2020 Closing Form.  If you date changes, please keep us informed. 

What if I am out of the area but have friends or family who are able to pack up my belongings?

If you have family or friends who live locally or have a packing company that are able come to campus and retrieve and pack up your items on your behalf, they will be able to do so. You will have to indicate on the Spring 2020 Closing form the name, contact information of the person who would be coming for your items, and time they will be arriving. Third party friends/family/companies will not need to have the student’s keys if they move out when the desk is open. Upon arrival to the residence halls, the third party should go to the front desk to provide identification and find a staff member who is able to escort them to the room. They will be escorted by a staff member to your room to gain entrance. If you wish to utilize this option please follow the instructions on the Spring 2020 Closing Form on the Housing Portal to record all of the required information.

If I have a family or friend pack up and move my items out can they pick up my packages?

Yes!  Please make sure you have the correct person on listed on the Third Party on the Spring 2020 Closing Form in the Housing portal.  If they are listed we will release the packages to them. 

If I am approved to stay for Spring Quarter will I need to move to a different room?

We are currently assessing housing needs for spring quarter.  Students currently living in Bellarmine, Campion, Xavier, Chardin, Yobi and Kolvenbach may need to relocate to another building.  If you are requested to move you will be given several days’ notice. Some students in Murphy may need to relocate to another room.  This is so we may properly staff these areas and ensure proper social distancing. 

In the area where I live there is a shelter in place order or other restrictions when I am scheduled to move out. How do I move out?

If you are restricted in your ability to move out please change the date you are scheduled to move.  We do not request that students violate local orders or ordinances in order to move.  You also have the option of scheduling a family member or friend to move you out.  Keep all of you dates up to date on the Spring 2020 Closing Form on the Housing Portal.