Students, faculty and staff are asked to please notify Seattle University Public Safety as soon as possible at 206-296-5990 in the following situations:

  • You have been diagnosed, tested or suspected to have COVID-19;
  • You have been asked to self-quarantine; or
  • You have been directed to self-isolate but are unable to appropriately separate yourself from your roommates.

Housing and Residence Life COVID-19

Seattle University cares deeply about the health, safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. In light of the university’s decision to conduct all Spring Quarter 2020 classes through virtual or remote instruction, and in an effort to promote social distancing to help stop the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to close all residence halls for Spring Quarter 2020. We have created this page to provide our residents and family members with important information regarding how Housing and Residence Life is operating during this public health crisis.

With the expiration of Governor Jay Inslee’s March 23rd “Stay Home – Stay Healthy” Executive Order, students who have items in their rooms/apartments are urged to return to campus to complete the move-out process.  The move-out deadline given in our last communication was not later than Saturday, June 6 by 5:00pm.  However, given current events within the City, we are writing to advise a time extension has been approved through Saturday, June 13, at 5 PM. In the event you remain under a stay at home order where you are and are not able to move out by June 13, we ask that you notify us of your plans by re-submitting the Spring 2020 Closing Form in the Housing Portal as soon as possible. Students currently under a “permanent residence” stay at home order through June 30th should plan to move out not later than July 10th.

Message to Continuing Students and Families

Message to Incoming Students and Families

Coronavirus Procedure Links

Facilities and Custodial

Custodial Services is doing additional cleaning and sanitizing of all public spaces. This includes residence hall common areas and shared spaces are cleaned and disinfected daily [classrooms, restrooms, lounges, studies, lobby and front desk spaces, kitchens, entries, game rooms, music rooms, community rooms, student laundry, computer labs, hallways]. High touch point surfaces [restroom handles, faucets, sinks, toilets, door handles, elevator call buttons, stair rails, desktops and chairs] are given added attention.

  • They are using bleach and peroxide chemicals.
  • We have added additional hand sanitizing stations in the residence halls. These are monitored regularly.  
  • Cleaning materials have been placed at the desks for student use. 
  • The desk staff are cleaning the hard surfaces of our service desks at each shift. 

Work Orders and Repairs

Residence Hall Maintenance will primarily focus on urgent and emergency work orders; some lower priority work orders may be deferred and completed later.


We have created a small number of rooms that can be used in the event we need a student to go into self-quarantine (potential exposure to someone confirmed with COVID-19). These rooms come with linens and some prepackaged food. Any student placed in isolation will be given a link to in order to have food delivered by dining to their room daily. The food will be left at the door for the student. We will check-in with the student regularly on their health and well-being.

Resident students who are ill and feel they should be placed in quarantine or isolation should contact Housing and Residence Life at 206-296-6305.  If you are unable to contact housing or the RA on duty please contact Seattle University Public Safety at 206-296-5990.

Students who become seriously ill or unable to take care of themselves will be moved to a hospital.  

Additionally, students who remain in housing for spring term may expect to be moved to another space where they may be able to self-quarantine if needed, and to provide appropriate social distancing.

Residence Hall Closing and No Visitors or Guests

In the best interest of the campus community, we ask that students currently in residence make arrangements to move out as soon as possible. Between June 1 and June 13 we are asking students to vacate their rooms or sooner. This will allow students to practice social distancing.

We aware that some students were already departed from campus when the announcement that the end of Winter Quarter would be online. Please see below for a couple different options if residents have already departed but need flexibility and assistance in removing their belongings (see extension & third party check out).

Policy Change Regarding Visitors & Guests in Residence Halls

Effective March 31, 2020 unless otherwise notified the Housing & Residence Life guest visitation policy is as follows: Visitors and guests are prohibited in university-owned, leased and/or managed residence halls at all times. This includes non-affiliate visitors/guests, other SU students who live off-campus, as well as visitors/guests from other residence halls. The prohibition on all visitors/guests applies to all resident rooms/apartments, lobbies, lounges, and other common areas of the residence halls.

Move out and Check Out

Scheduling your Check out Time

On the Housing Portal, all residents are required to submit a Spring 2020 Closing Form (this includes students who have departed but have not yet checked out and removed their items, as well as students who might be gone from campus and need an extension to retrieve their items). On this form they will be required to submit a date and time in which they anticipate coming and retrieve their items. This is required in order to better serve you and to proactively anticipate students arriving to campus to check-out.  This date and time may be updated as the student’s plan changes.

Please follow these steps to fill out the Spring 2020 Closing Form:

  • Log onto the Housing Portal
  • On the top gray bar click on “Change Requests/Processes"
  • Click on "Spring 2020 Closing Form" from the dropdown box 
  • Click on Winter 2020 on the Term Selector Page
  • Fill out the form and click "submit"

You will receive an email confirmation of your submission. Please arrive on the date and time you indicated on your Spring 2020 Closing form. If you plans change please contact Housing & Residence Life. Your date should be after between June 1 and June 13

In the event you remain under a stay at home order where you are and are not able to move out by June 13, we ask that you notify us of your plans by re-submitting the Spring 2020 Closing Form in the Housing Portal as soon as possible. Students currently under a “permanent residence” stay at home order through June 30th should plan to move out not later than July 10th.

Check Out Information

Please be sure to update you mail forwarding address vis SUonline. All students have been asked to retrieve their items and complete the check-out process no later than 5pm on June 13, 2020. All students will have to remove their items and complete the check-out process by this time UNLESS an EXTENSION TO RETRIEVE ITEMS has been filed and approved [see additional information below]. All students will have two [2] check options:  

  • Check out process when the desk is open: All students who are still on-campus and/or able to return to campus will need to pack belongings before the check-out process can be completed.  When available, you will be able to check out a cart to remove your items from your room and to your vehicle. After you have removed ALL of your items, please proceed to the front desk of your residence hall to fill out/submit the Express Check Out form and to return your key(s).  
  • Check out when the desk is closed:Students are still able to complete the room check-out process when the front desks are closed. Once all items are removed from the room, head down to the desk to complete the Express Check Out form and return keys [room, mailbox] in the small yellow envelopes provided. Please place your Express Check Out form and your keys in the metal lock box located near your front desk (signs will be posted). Don’t forget to also change your mail forwarding address which should be done on SU Online.  

During the check-out process please complete the following items in your room: 

  • Remove all trash and food from your minifridge (please read below for trash drop off)  
  • Remove all items from your room and ensure you have not left anything behind  
  • Close all windows and pull your blinds up  
  • Ensure your door is closed and locked upon leaving your room  

Packages and Mail

As you return to retrieve your items please remember to pick up any packages and mail that may still be at your residence hall front desk. If there are any packages that are left here, we will reach out to you by way of email.  

Key Return If You Are Not Here to Check Out in Person

If you are not able to come in-person to complete the check out process, we are asking you to please return your room key to our office via mail. Please direct your mail to:

Housing and Residence Life
Seattle University
Campion 100, 901 12th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

In your envelope, please include a paper with your name, room number from this Winter Quarter, and your Seattle U ID number so we can properly log your key(s) back.  

Donations, Recycling, and Trash

Trash and recycling rooms on residence hall floors will be open and larger trash bins will be placed around every residence hall community. Please remove all trash from your room space and place in the trash rooms on the residence hall floor. If the trash room is full and or you have larger items, please take them to the trash bins placed outside the residence hall.

Donation bins will also be present in the lobbies of the residence halls in the event you would like to donate any items. Please only donate clothing in good condition, lightly used items (furniture included) and nonperishable food items. There will be specific locations outside the residence hall for you to donate furniture. If you have a Third Party Family member/friend come, please ask them to also place items for donation in the appropriate areas and remove the trash. 

Check Out Extensions Past June 13 2020

We understand that the COVID-19 situation is an evolving and changing situation across the country. If you are already out of your residence hall room but you have belongings still present, we are allowing flexibility for students and families to return to campus after June 13 for students living in areas that are still under a stay at home order. If you are interested and able to return to campus after June 13, please indicate that intention on the Spring 2020 Closing Form. Please note this will be approved on a case-by-case basis.   

Third Party, Family, or Friends Check Out

We understand the circumstances which have resulted in the temporary closure of SU residence halls for the Spring 2020 quarter may cause an inconvenience to students being able to physically come back and retrieve their property. Because of this, Housing and Residence Life has provided for the following option:  

If you do not live in the Seattle area and have family or friends who live locally and are willing to come to campus and retrieve and pack up your items on your behalf, they will be able to do so. You will have to indicate on the Spring 2020 Closing form the name, contact information of the person who would be coming for your items, and time they will be arriving. Third party friends/family will not need to have the student’s keys. Upon arrival to campus, the third party should go to the Murphy front desk to provide identification and find a staff member who is able to escort them to the room. They will be escorted by a staff member to your room to gain entrance. If you wish to utilize this option please follow the instructions on the Spring 2020 Closing Form on the Housing Portal to record all of the required information. If the desk is not open your third party will need a key to enter your room. 

Shipping and Storage

We are working with a variety of companies to help assist you with this move. See below for some companies that might be able to make this transition a more positive experience.

We are continuing to look into additional options for students and will provide an updates as we have them.

Packing, Shipping and Storage:

Dorm Room Movers: We've coordinated with Dorm Room Movers to allow their background checked movers access to rooms in order to pack your items for storage and/or shipping without you being present. On your day of pickup, they'll send you a private link to live video chat with your movers while they pack and pick up your belongings! You'll also receive a link to stream/download the video of their time in your room in case you can’t make the call!

Dorm Room Movers will be conducting their regular pickups through June for students who will not be present on campus, so if your belongings will be ready within that time frame and you do not plan to return to campus until the fall we recommend setting up your service now.

Follow the steps below: 

  1. List "Dorm Room Movers" in your Housing Portal's 3rd party mover in the Spring 2020 Closing form on the Housing Portal.
  2. CLICK HERE and follow the instruction in this form thoroughly. Please take your time while filling out the form and read all the instructions provided to ensure you have a clear understanding of how the program works. 
  3. The form will guide you through the Dorm Room Movers registration process if you have not done so yet. Please make sure to select the earliest date your items will be ready for pickup without you present on campus in your "ready by date" field of your account.

Storage and Shipping Companies

  • Urban Storage- The option for on campus storage!  In the same building with the Campus bookstore! Seattle U students receive a 10% discount in addition to any other special being offered. For more information call (206) 973-2459 or go to their website.
  • U Haul- U-Haul is offering 30 days of free self-storage at U-Haul-owned and -operated facilities to help college students impacted by unforeseen schedule changes. 
  • College Boxes- Collegeboxes, the No. 1 student storage and shipping provider in the country, services Seattle University. Contact (866) 269-4887 or send an email to to learn when moving supplies can be delivered to your address and picked up for shipping or storing. Use promo code “EARLYMOVE” for 20% off your purchase. For students seeking physical assistance during the move-out process, visit

Silver Cloud Discounted Hotel Rates

If you need a place to stay while you are moving out of the residence halls, the Silver Cloud is offering discounted housing for Seattle U students and parents. 

For more information download this PDF: Silver Cloud

Housing Office and University Services

Housing Office Hours

The Housing and Residence Life Office in Campion 100 will still be answering phone calls Monday – Friday, 8:30am-12pm and 1pm-4:30pm. Additionally, e-mails to will be answered as quickly as we are able.

Please note that because of the Seattle University directive for all faculty and staff to work remotely, Housing and Residence Life staff are working from home. Area Coordinators and Assistant Area Coordinators will still be available via phone and e-mail, and will continue to meet with students virtually. All professional staff will continue to work normal hours.

Below is the contact information for the Area Coordinators:

Bellarmine Hall and Campion Halls--Contact the Housing Office

Phone: 206.296.6305

Kevin Ngo

Area Coordinator, Douglas Apartments, Kolvenbach Community

José Gámez

Area Coordinator, Murphy Apartments and Chardin Hall

Casey Riedeman

Area Coordinator, Xavier Global House, The YOBI & Vi Hilbert

Desk Hours

Front desk hours will be from 11AM-5PM. If you have an urgent matter outside of the desk hours, please call Public Safety.


Effective Monday, June 15 Cherry Street Market will only be open weekdays from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm (no weekends). There will no longer be hot food available at Red Hawk Rudys for the duration of the summer session. Redhawk Dining and the University will review these hours and offerings as we get closer to the end of the summer, and will communicate adjustments as thing progress towards the fall quarter. We will continue to stay open this weekend to help allow extra time to use those dining dollars, and prepare for your upcoming travels.

Service hours and locations can be found here.

University Services

Click here for the contact information for University Services.

Housing and Dining Charges

Meal Plan Rollover and Refunds

Due to the unforeseen circumstances regarding COVID-19 and its impact to our campus, the University will be issuing a refund of up to $500 for meal plans for any student who enrolled in a plan for Winter Quarter and is no longer living on campus. This refund is equal to the amount the student would have rolled into the Spring Quarter when meal plan costs were changed based on courses going online for the remainder of the Winter Quarter. 

For all students who were granted a housing exception, the requirements for meal plans remain the same with a rollover of up to $500. Refunds will be processed by May 1.

Spring Quarter Housing and Meal Plans

Spring Quarter housing and meal plans were cancelled for all residents who are not approved to live on campus in Spring Quarter on Wednesday, March 18th. Students should see this reflected on their student accounts. If you find you still have a charge on your account contact us at

Vi Hilbert Hall and Douglas Apartment Residents 

Vi Hilbert Communication to Students

Douglas Apartments Communication to Students

Residents in these communities are not required to vacate their spaces so Spring Quarter meal plans were not automatically cancelled. To change or remove Spring Quarter meal plan, submit a change request through the Housing portal.

Looking Ahead

Housing and Residence Life will continue to operate during the Spring 2020 Quarter as well as throughout the Summer 2020 period. Please continue to check your SU student email regarding the following: 

  • Room Selection for Academic Year 2020-2021  
  • Any pending Integrity Formation Follow Up or Scheduled Meetings- Your Conduct Administrator will follow up  
  • Housing and Residence Life Student Staff (RAs, DCs, DAs) training information for Fall 2020  
  • Spring Room Consolidation
  • DA and DC Hiring Application and Interview Process

We thank you for your patience and understanding in this complex time. We wish you a successful Spring 2020 quarter and we look forward to seeing you in the Fall 2020 Quarter. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Housing and Residence Life Office ( or 206-296-6305) if you have additional questions.