Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first year in college but I'm a junior by credits, do I have to live on-campus?

Yes. The housing policy includes all freshmen and sophomores under the age of 21, all first and second year students under the age of 21 as well as students still within two years of high school graduation who are under the age of 21. If this is your first year, and you are under the age of 21 you are still required to live-on campus for another year.

I turn 21 next year, do I have to live on-campus?

The housing policy applies for students who turn the age of 21 after the start date of the term. For fall quarter, if your birthdate falls after September 20th you are required to live-on campus for another year.

I am planning to apply for an exemption to the housing policy, what is the deadline to do so?

Keep in mind exemptions are limited and require supporting documentation. Returning students applying for an exemption to the residential requirement are required to submit a request by April 22nd, late requests are not accepted.

If I plan to commute from home next year, what documents do I need to submit?

Students commuting from home must live with the family member in their primary place of residence (approx. 20 miles or less from campus, please see map with approved commutable areas). “Family” is defined as a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, spouse, or children. “Primary place of residence” is defined as a person’s true, fixed, and permanent home and place of habitation, to the exclusion of all others. It is the place where the person intends to remain permanently. Also keep in mind that students applying to live with family must submit the following documents (by April 22nd for returning students, or August 1st for new students):

  1. A notarized letter from the family member (Must use the Residential Requirement Exemption Form, which must be notarized prior to submission.).
  2. A photocopy of a valid form of ID from the family member you will be living with.

See the our Housing Policy for a complete description. Contact our office at for more information.

What if I want to live in the Douglas?

The Douglas Apartments are reserved for juniors/seniors and students who are over 21. The Douglas offers one, two, four, and five bedroom options. You can sign-up with roommates or just reserve your own bedroom. Sign-ups will be through the Douglas leasing office. Contact the Douglas Apartments at 206.860.3024

For students who have not completed our on-campus residency requirement (see Housing Policy), prior approval to should be granted to live in The Douglas Apartments.

How do I sign up with a roommate?

If you already have a roommate picked out, the best way to sign-up is by creating a roommate group on the myHousing Portal. If you don’t have a roommate picked out, make sure you accurately answer the housing profile questions; you may also search for a roommate by these questions when you are selecting a room.

How do I create a roommate group?

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Identify a "Group Leader" for your roommate group (in most cases this person will have the earliest housing selection appointment time).
  2. The "Group Leader" will log-in to the housing portal and select "Create a new group" under the Options tab below.
  3. Enter a group name and password (Group names must be 5 or more characters long). Then click Save & Continue.
  4. The other members of your roommate group will log-in individually and select the "Add Yourself to a Group" under the Options tab below.
  5. Once you enter the name/password of your roommate group, click Save & Continue. Click on “Roommate Groups” to see if you have been successfully added to your group.
  6. After each group member has added themselves, the group leader must select the "verify group” button under the options tab. Warning: if you do not complete step 6 your roommate group will not be complete and you will not be able to select a room for your group.

If the group has been properly created the group leader will be able to assign each member to a bed space within the unit of choice.

What if I can’t find the room I want?

If you have not completed your two year live-on requirement, you will need to select a place to live in on-campus housing. Before move-in, you can request for different building, floor, or room type by emailing us at There are a finite number of available spaces in housing, meaning these requests are honored on a first-come, first-serve basis where space is available.

Is there a waitlist option?

It’s important to have two to three back-up options in mind before you go into your selection time in case your top choices are not available during your selection time. Waitlist Requests are not guaranteed. There is a waitlist option at the end of the application that will open following the Rising Sophomore selection times. Waitlist requests will be reviewed after the formal housing selection process is completed and offers are made as spaces become available due to cancellations and consolidations. Offers will be on going until the waitlist is exhausted or the start of the academic term, whichever is sooner. Waitlist priority is based on original selection time and priority for housing.



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