2020-2021 Housing Selection Process

The Returning Resident Housing Selection Process will begin March 2st and end April 15th. Prior to the start of selection you will receive email instructions for signing-up, and an online selection time. This is an online process.

Important Information

Housing Policy

Students are required to live on campus and purchase the Residential meal plan if they fall into any of the following categories:

  • Freshman or Sophomore and under the age of 21
  • First or Second Year SU Student and under the age of 21
  • Within two years of your high school graduation date as of first day of fall quarter classes, and under the age of 21

Room Selection Process

The continuing student housing application will open on Monday, March 2, 2020.  It is important – before the application process begins - you are completely familiar with this process.  The continuing student housing process is a lottery system of randomly generated dates and times when current residents will log onto the Seattle U Housing Portal to select a room. Once notified of your date and time slot, continuing students will select a room using the  self-service system through the SU Housing Portal.

On-Campus Housing Options For 2020-2021

Rising Sophomores

  • If you are currently a freshmen/first-year student and will be a sophomore next academic year, you are required to  submit an application  and will be assigned a time slot to choose a bed space. As a reminder- you will be required to live on campus so participation in this room selection process is mandatory.
  • This process gives you the opportunity to choose a bed space on your own accord. Should you not apply for campus housing or should you not enter the room selection process a bed space will be assigned to you on your behalf where space permits. 
  • Please ensure you make application  by the deadline outlined below. Additionally, the campus housing application process is not a “first come first serve” priority system for lottery times. This means that an application submitted on March 2 has an equal chance at receiving any time slot as an application submitted on March 20. In other words - logging on and applying right when the application process opens will not guarantee a better time slot, however, Rising Sophomores will be assigned a time slot during the first part of the process to ensure space selection.

Current & Rising Juniors and Seniors 

  • If you will be a Junior or Senior student next academic year and wish to apply for campus housing, you will need to apply by the deadline listed below in order to be eligible for the room selection process and lottery. As a Rising Junior or Senior, you will only be able to choose a bed space where available at the time of your time slot.
  • If all campus housing  is filled to capacity at the time of your assigned time slot, you will be automatically placed on a wait list for campus housing. As a reminder, the continuing student housing application is not a “first come first serve” priority system for lottery times.  

Graduate and Law Students: 2020-2021

  • Graduate/Law students  will only be able to “see” a select grouping of rooms  within the Murphy Apartment complex. Campus housing for Graduate/Law students is extremely limited. If space is not available in Murphy Apartments,  you will be placed on  the wait list.

Cancellation Policy

Medical Accommodations

  • The deadline to submit your request to Disability Services is March 2nd. 
  • Junior/Senior medical requests are not guaranteed, however we anticipate offering housing to all students seeking on-campus housing.
  • Accommodations may be requested for you and only you. We are not able to accommodate roommate requests in conjunction with a medical request.

Additional information

  • You will be signing up for the entire academic year: fall, winter and spring quarters.
  • Be sure to check your SU email account for Housing Selection information and appointment times!