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Werner F. M. De Bondt, a luminary in the field of behavioral finance, looks back at economic growth, stock market performance, and price inflation under US presidents from 1872 to 2016. 

In this video, Assistant Economics Professor Erin Vernon talks about how US healthcare spend is significantly larger than any other country's, yet among high-income nations, it continues to have less than 100% health coverage of its population.


The Albers Executive Speaker Series has launched a podcast edition called The Leadership Playbook.

The Leadership Playbook asks top executives from the business world’s most recognizable brands and companies about the stories behind their success, their leadership secrets, and the biggest obstacles they’ve faced and overcome.

Candid, often humorous, and always inspiring, the show consists of six 45-minute to one-hour episodes per season, one in Fall and the other in Spring. 

Performance, Product, and People

As the pandemic deepened in the US, Trek Bikes saw a surge in bicycle sales, especially among new riders. CEO John Burke talks about how this trend has impacted their business, the opportunities presented by e-bikes and new technology, and how to thrive in a family-owned business. He also elaborates on his 16 nonpartisan solutions to save America, as written in his Presidential Playbook 2020.