Graduate Student Council

Welcome From Bill Ehmann

  • Dr. Bill EhmannWelcome to the Graduate Student Council web pages, and let me congratulate you on being a part of our 2,000 student, and growing, graduate community at Seattle University. 

    As Associate Provost for Research in Graduate Education, I work closely with faculty, students, and administrators to strengthen our graduate enterprise, in all areas.  I work with deans and our admissions staff to be sure SU if offering strong, contemporary graduate degree programs to you and that we are always improving.  I bring GSC and campus leaders together to be sure that every SU graduate student has access to the academic and career supports they need, including social, professional and research opportunities.

    You have picked a great time to be involved with Seattle University.  Our graduates continue to be valued for not only their content knowledge, but for putting it to work, in context of social innovations, both here in Seattle and around the world.  We’re investing in our technology infrastructure, improving our brand, and ahead of our targets bringing in over $10M in externally-sponsored research that helps fund increasing numbers of graduate students. 

    Certainly there are challenges in completing a graduate degree, but once you have it, it can’t be taken away.  In your lifetime, a quality graduate degree will help you earn $500,000 more on average than employees with only a bachelor’s degree, and nationally, the employment rate of master’s prepared citizens is 96.5%.  Take the time to get to know your faculty and peers and build a lasting network.

    Katie Myers-Wiesen, GSC President, myself, and many others are ready to help you in any way we can for you to attain academic excellence and pride in your Seattle University degree.  I look forward to seeing you at GSC and other campus events, or perhaps over coffee at the McGoldrick Collegium in Hunthausen Hall.  Stay tuned for new social media connections we also have planned.


    Dr. Bill Ehmann

    Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Education

    Administration Building, Room 104