Grounds and Landscaping

Current Projects


Gardens are never static and the Grounds Dept. always has something new and interesting going on.

Farm Days

We took advantage of our limited access to campus during Orientation Days in July by volunteering at two local community farms. CitySoil Farm is our own SU venture managed by the Environmental Studies program in conjunction with King County. It provides fresh healthy food to Renton area  food banks. Seattle Community Farm is on the grounds of Rainier Vista Housing and provides fresh produce to the Rainier Valley food bank and local members who donate time at the farm. we helped with irrigation, harvesting, pruning and staking. Two 80+ F days!


Venerable Old Sawara Cypress comes down

This spring, we had to remove the Sawara Cypress that had graced the east face of the Pigott building for many years. It developed a dangerous lean and was a hazard to passersby. Bartlett Tree Experts did a masterful job of bringing the large tree down wit out incident.


New plantings near the Quad


 A beautiful shade tolerant and pollinator-friendly landscape in now installed in the bed on the west side of the Quad. Gardener Laura Schiltz and crew placed some good-sized rocks in the landscape. One is a perfect place to stop and enjoy the beauty of the leafy Upper Mall.

Chardin Hall entrance landscape gets a makeover


Gardener Ben Williams has been carefully planning the renovation of the front entrance to Chardin Hall. New plant additions are chosen for their habitat value, their drought tolerance and their beauty! It's being done in phases, with the help of our awesome students to completely change the experience of entering the residence hall.