The Seattle University campus is home to a large number of venerable trees, many of historical significance linked to Fugitaro Kubota and the Kubota family legacy on the campus grounds. 

The many true cedars and pines that are now grand, mature trees were planted by Kubota in the 1950’ and 1960’s. Although there is no official record, it is believed the Giant Sequoia, SU’s signature tree was also brought to campus by Kubota.

It is commonly acknowledged that trees deliver a myiad of positive environmental benefits, including carbon sequestration, reduction of the heat-island effect, habitat for wildlife, and storm water absorption.

The emotional and spiritual uplift that trees provide has been studied and well documented. In the center of our very urban surroundings, our tree-filled campus is an oasis for the larger community, serving as a park for SU and our neighbors.


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Noteworthy Trees of Seattle University a 2008 report of eighteen trees of noteworthy importance on the campus

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