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Grounds and Landscaping

Bird Haven


The campus grounds are a haven for many kinds of birds, from the very common Robin to the very rare Saw Whet Owl. The gardens provide all the necessary elements for good bird habitat: food, water and shelter. Throughout the years, the bird watchers on campus have had many unusual visits  and have seen many old familiar friends of the feathered variety.

A Seattle Audubon volunteer put together a comprehensive SU Bird Checklist for us that interacts with  for broader descriptions of species.

Every year in February, we participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count, a program jointly sponsored by the Audubon Society and the Cornell Ornithology Lab. Here's the result of our Record of the birds seen on campus at the Great Backyard Bird Count. And a collage of GBBC collage from the event.

Read an Wounded Bird on Campus about a wounded Golden-Crowned Kinglet on campus.

And a Birds on Campus to common birds on campus.